lets hear it for //8Y8LURK'S \/\/ICKED \/\/EDNESDAYS


lots of killer edits today///musgrave just upped this one. another epic intro haha. jball is looking comfortable on that all city whip and musgraves riding is dialed these days. this is definitely one of the best edits christian has put together.



FINN posted this up on facebook///way too sick not to post up. sounds like theres more where this came from///keep em coming for sure. who the fuck doesnt love gifs//3d future shit.

tony k's really gay quickie

heres some footage from tony's really gay quickie earlier today///him and one other guy. hahahaha. its killer to see someone drop flicks regularly like this. tony keeps us entertained non stop.


this is a real clean easy to follow tutorial with some good tips in it. im a big fan of posting up tutorials. anything that pushes someone to learn quicker pushes this whole thing to progress faster. killer flick too, clean edit. thanks to sam houser for sharing this shit.

pissedead tree kids

the glass eating intro is some heavy shit haha///PISSEDEAD keeps the fucked up shit coming. antics/grass/fire/glass/street folk/and theres some riding in here too haha. the 2:00 mark is fuckin sick.


i dont usually post pictures///but vince sent this through and its pretty sick. JD fuckin flies and hes been getting after it "behind the scenes" for a while now. i expect the next time we see something from him itll be well with some serious shit.


heres one i missed from about two months ago/// super sick flick from the guys at SHRED. cant believe i slept on something so sick. must see TTv for sure///epic styled entertainment. i definitely want to see way more like this.

skate shiTT

keeping the halloween vibes strong.


fuck yeah

winter shred

theres some real creative use of street spots in here///looks like mutiple angles of the same shit, but its worth the watch if ur into that winter shred. super sick spots.

YNOT KOREA // independence gate

YNOT KOREA has been going hard in the paint to bring us edits lately. web flick factory line style. these guys are non stop right now. hopefully they keep this going. legit riding/legit webflick from VM PROJECT.

phillip williams///SHVRK CR!M3

phillip williams has dropped more edits this summer than some people do the whole time they ride fixed. sick to see someone dive in face first and get at the shit. this ones got some antics and more video variety than weve seen in the past. dig the shark clips and the chicks at the end haha.


G.O.A.T. builds are gunna start showing up now that theyve hit the streets. heres a super clean build from klaang at TRACKS&TRACKBIKES head over there for more photos. 
Fork: Unknown V2
Rims: MTX-33, with Duro City Cavaliers with 1.95 tires
Hubs: Resist (back with a 13t cog)
Stem/Headset: FSA Impact, Integral stem
Bars: SADIO 420s with Shadow Conspiracy Finger Bangers
Saddle: Resist Icon w/ Resist pivotal seatpost
Sprocket: Sadio Molar 33t
BB: Sadio
Cranks: Resist
Pedals: Specialized P-Series
Foot Retention: RE-Loads

germán karp // GRINDER

this guy basically lives for double pegs haha. solid edit from someone we havent seen much of.

big wheel bmx

some big bike shred from japan.

one gear///bastien raoux et quentin oddo

clean filming and editing from the guys over at one gear.

kendrick bautista///grind

kendrick is getting at it///practice makes perfect. i dig how he chopped this up, nothing insane in here, but he keeps it interesting.

B.I.K.E. /// jonah kessel vs tyler nakamoto

young gun shredders go heads up at a game of bike///jonah makes a serious come back in the face of defeat haha. they got pretty deep bags of tricks.

they just keep getting younger