hold fast TT jibjock

next level future shred from torey///this flick is pure fucking fire. he's always killing it and setting a standard for creative riding. watch and learn///this is bike handling way outside the realm of generic riding. WRAHW flicks are always sick, but torey solo edits are epic. fucking killing it.

matt reyes///september montage

slum always does it right//real clean production. fast moving, killer web edit, especially for those with short attention spans haha. serious variety in here and super good shots.

nick ramirez///halloween bike check

holy shit this is sick///bike checks are next level these days. hahaha. always killer to watch creative flicks, and this one delivers entertainment. halloween style, perfectly timed. digging the tricks in the costume, the ditch spot, the voice changer/sound effects, the black and white... so good///fucking killing it.
snagged from MASHAFIX


this is one of those "halloween theme songs" imo///they always play this on the local rock station around halloween. ive been holding out on posting it up until we started to get a real halloween feel, and nicks bike check definitely set that off.


nsfw///this ones been up for a month or so now, so some of you mightve already seen it. fuck it tho, this is epic gritty bmx at its finest.

simon "gomok" andraca /// one line in cologne

way psyched on this one///solid line, fixed riding in that park from the rooTTs post the other day, and new footage of that BOMB TRACK. gomok footage is always high quality and SOUNDTRACK doesnt disappoint. definitiely a killer quick clip.


heres some kind of follow up on that stolen bike i posted the other day. you'll see here that omar was stayed after it, rode frequently, and was getting real comfortable on his bike. a stolen bike is always fucked, but its some real bullshit when someone was riding daily. good luck getting retribution man/// everyone else, keep watch for this shit;
Frame: Blue Volume Thrasher
Fork: Black NS Fundamental 3
Bars: Matte Silver BB17 bars

Stem: Black Thompson

Grips: Black Odi 

Bar-ends: Odi

Headset: Resist

Seat post: Volume Pivotal
Seat: Resist Icon
Cranks: Demolition 165mm

Sprocket: Treelite 36t

BB: Resist

Chain: stock 

Front Tire: 2.0 random
Front Rim: 26 Black 36h MTX 33 

Front Hub: Black Odyssey Vandero 2 Hub
Rear Tire: Bontager 1.5

Rear Rim: 26 Black 36h MTX 33 

Rear Hub: Black Unknown 14mm slotted

Spokes: idk 

Pedals: Clear Animal Pedals
Straps: Steven Jensen Signature straps
Peg: Animal Butcher (red) and front Cult Doomsday (black) peg
Modifications/Other/Extras: G Spot Hub guard

as always/// TT shirt is up for grabs for anyone who helps get this back.

monday sucks // eat shiTT

ive been looking for this/// alex liiv on that mtv show scarred. if you havent seen it, dont miss it.

skate shiTT

heres some mellow skate shit, i dig the hang out "vibe" this flick has.entertainment, good shots, and clean editing.


a mix of some skate and some fixed///clean design on those cityleague shirts too. white graphic on black shirts is always legit. been a while since weve seen something from fast///good to see theyre still at it.


theres a shitload of spots in and around uci // sick place to ride for sure. looks like they got a super young grom in the mix too (0:12). sick to see the fixed crowd get younger and younger. vance has been keeping the flicks coming nonstop lately.

n⊗⊗b$ // dan locke

dan brings some stacked footage, some good spots, some "old school" inspired tricks. i dig the stair rides, and its good to see some new riders coming out of the UK.

n⊗⊗b$ // john hughes

heres a first offering from john hughes.