sunday night movie///carts of darkness

i posted up that FBM flick earlier and vince got at me on some carts of darkness shit///so here it is, the full lenghth if you havent seen it.

skate shiTT

some erik ellington///this guy brought bigspin front boards in as far as im concerned, and this edit is some killer entertainment. lots of variety in here; some childhood footage, some hammers, some antics. the music kinda sucks, but this flick is sick.

houghton leftovers

tony k brings us some skate shit this time///sick, get in and film some shit. this dude keeps us all entertained, respect that.

off TTopic///kidult and neckface

i know this is basically on some hypbeast shit, but fuck it.

n⊗⊗b$ // twofer

the first one is some norcal n00bs going hard///so sick to see new names going hard to get clips. the second one is some shit from the other side of the world, fixed bikes are everywhere, and it doesnt look like theres any miscommunication when it comes to tricks. get em dialed guys. watch out for the n00bs they'll be taking over.

quick clip///big wheel bmx

"180 to backwards smith to fullcab off" ///thats some serious shit on a big bike.


sunday morning TTv///sit back and watch a full length. we watched lsd riders the other night, so i thought id bring some old school shit in.


sunday morning special