Tyler has been slaughtering fixed freestyle since the earliest days. he has been an innovator, and someone who doesnt jump the bandwagon with new tricks, jump on a 26, or incorporate new geometries... i recently got at him with some questions cuz i think he's got an interesting perspective on this shit, he has his own take on bike geo, and recently set up a bike that everyone wants to know more about;

bears bike bottom bracket guard

kind of an interesting product///bottom bracket guard. no idea how this would work out or if its really necessary, but interesting. bears keeps bringing shit to the table thats outside the realm of where everyone else's heads at, i can dig that.

bank pumpin

been a bit since we've seen something from shilohhhhhhh///i was actually gunna get at these guys an ask em where they at these days haha. sick to see theyre still in it.




heres a few epic pics of joe that vince sent through///like i said in the hisTTory channel post, hes killing shit non-stop. check that HUYAMOUF///reppin TTv real big and looking real comfortable on that UNKNOWN 24/7.

the hisTTory channel: JOE MCKEAG

this one only goes back about a year, but joe has been fucking shit up ever since he jumped on one of these bikes. this goes back to a time when pegs were coming in and trick bikes were finally solid, a "new breed" of trick shredders flooded the web flick game, and joe stepped up and proved a fuckin point. since then, he has set a standard and stayed killing it. watch out for joe///hes on some unstoppable shit these days, and it doesnt look like he's slowing down.

jakob santos///its been a long time

fucking sick to see some new shit from santos/// it has been a long time. theres a serious stack of footage here, some guest appearances from a couple of my favorite bike slayers, and some footage from fucking wilmington park just outside long beach (about fucking time someone hit that spot). this shit is sick as fuck as expected. santos is always killing it. dig the little brother guest appearance and how hard joes been pushing that TT shirt lately. fucking psyched on this one. MUST SEE TTv.

skate shiTT

you cant watch lizard king shit and not be entertained.


1:11 is so sick.

big wheel bmx

KNS.Lo Kazy's blkmrkt Malice 22" /// im assuming the title implies this things built up on 22" wheels. thats some shit. there have been a couple bikes on 22's but a BLKMRKT 22 specific seems sick. thats a game changer. someone out there who knows, correct me if im wrong, i didnt even watch this with sound haha.

hop bars

hamrick sent this through///some parking lot mini shred from his homie Matt Urlaub ///he's saying "who am i kidding" haha, but seriously, its not all about hammers and shit. good times captured is whats up. old school setup, pop up bars, this ones a flashback to the tarck days.