this ones fire///rap shit remixed


rally over at PLANETHOPS got the worlds first in stock VANDAL. theyre fucking psyched so they put out a quick one for us.


long beach locals ROYAL HC and GABRIEL GARCIA came through with some good shit. this was actually on youtube for a while, but due to their bullshit it wouldnt play on the blog here. gabriel is only 14 but throws his bike around like a "grown ass man" haha. this kid definitely has skills.

quick clip

quick wheelie hop bar. THIETH loves a quickie.


every once in a while i "lurk" out some interesting shit. i dont post enough of it. this is a geo comparison of a few current/popular freestyle frames. pretty sick to see em stacked like that. i dont know how accurate this is, but cruise over there and check it out for more. CYCLECIRCLE.

hikaru hayakawa a.k.a karuhi /// the first movie-

he came through quick with a follow up to his trailer the other day. that ledge at the end is pretty big//pretty steep. looks like hes riding a dj frame in here too. sick for sure. seems like we might see more of that in the future. sick flick///keep em coming man.


 //a number of people came at me with some bullshit about how $40 is a rip off, i completely disagree, but THIETH is generous so i hooked it up double anyways, i also threw in some stickers. aside from this "special promotion", FUCKING KILLING IT and TTIGERBLOOD shirts ARE NOT FOR SALE and WILL NOT BE FOR SALE. thanks a shitload to the  people that came through on this//(and those who are getting at the UNKNOWN shirts), i appreciate your contribution. psyched to see these shirts to go to people who really wanted them. keep reading for more chances to come up on TT shirts.

also; these are all dicharge printed on american apparel///im not dropping low quality bullshit, so dont think im pushing some diy, uncomfortable, or ill fitting shit. my aim is to only bring the best quality i can.

suzkid /// iphone4s test

suzkid picked up one of those new iphones and is putting in some filmwork with it. looks good. were there video quality upgrade to the new phone?

big wheel bmx

i snagged the past team berserk flick///and this one doesnt disappoint either. theyve only dropped two flicks as far as i know and im a fan already. check it.

alec aranowitz // defwish one day test

ALL-CITY has been getting after some local riders lately. looks like alec got in on that and got his frame all built up. full length edit in the works, but he wanted to put out something quick to rep his new sponsor. check it. looks like jball makes an appearance in just about every video that drops from this part of town. hahaha.


bone deth bonus footage. #youknowwhatsgood

off TTopic // pugsley backflip

vince dug this shit up last night on BIKE JERKS /// fucking insane pugsley riding. pgfs? haha. too sick not to post.

skate shiTT

too much good shit in here.

flat fix // another edition 2011

this ones long so make sure you have time to sit back. i havent watched yet///but im sure theres some good shit in here coming from flat fix.

n⊗⊗b$ // gali purnomo

not so much a n00b since this is his third post, but his flicks have only been showing up for the past couple months. he keeps his speed up and pulls out some tricks i didnt know he had in him. watch out for this guy.