looks like torey over at WRAHW got in with kareem for an interview. head over and check it out, banter between two of fixed freestyle's more interesting personalities is bound to be good shit. 


vince came through with some killer UNKNOWN news. ive heard about this for a while now///sick to see it come through. clean looking toploader from UNKNOWN. its sick to see these lesser known brands coming up these days. head over to the STORE and check it///lots of good shit, and THIETH x UNKNOWN shirts too.

monday sucks///eat shiTT

bike check///daniel torres destroy

looks like daniel got a new whip built up///shit looks fucking sick for sure. check that "transparent copper powder coat". seems like DESTROY is getting things dialed. here's what daniel had to say;
"New frame features a super short rear end with a smaller stand over, and quarter inch of negative bottom bracket rise. A 74.5 head tube angle that allows full pedal clearance with 2.3 tires and 175mm cranks. It is comfortable to ride compared to most frames with more than a half inch of negative bottom bracket rise."

Frame: Destroy 29er
Fork: Leader Reaper

Stem/Bars: Flatware/Destroy 3.5 rise 30” Wide XLT ODI’s
Wheels: Mtx33 29 to Destroy 14mm RR/Demo Mary Kate 4x
Tires: Halo 2.2 Twin Rails
Cranks: Profile 175mm
Gearing: 33t Kulture Lab Splined X 12t Sugino, Shadow Halflink
Saddle: DMR Piv. BoneDeth piv. saddle

head over to DESTROY for more

ricardo lino b4 G.O.A.T.

LINO just dropped some old footage. this goes back to the PRE-G.O.A.T. days//some good tricks in here for sure. im psyched on 1:35 haha that shit made me want to get out and ride. lino stays after it on the bike and keeps the flicks coming. sick determination.

the grime world tour

scenes of the grime team living the dream///good riding in here as expected. check it.

skate shiTT//quick clip

three solid hammers here.


WDC trick comp went down recently. looks like a decent park for fixed riding and a good turn out. CLICK HERE for details/winners/photos.


sick edit//josh goes for it

the hisTTory channel

this goes way the fuck back///im sure a shitload of readers started on a bike with big tires and bmx parts.... but shit like this is where "fixed freestyle" was born. pop up barspins, leg over skids, track stands, there wasnt much to it. 3 years isnt that long considering how far we've come and how different it is today.