this is so sick. its killer to see DESTROY coming up and moving towards bringing fixed and bmx together. so much good shit in here. arimoto gets after some massive rails. killing shit for sure.

hikaru hayakawa

looks like this is gunna be sick. psyched to see the flick this ones a teaser for. this guy goes for it. good spots, big tricks in here.


the rawness is sick. good change of pace to see some clips without music, and this guys slider style is wild///so sick.

quick clip///france

THIETH loves a quickie///i always dig euro clips.

FOAD///how to fix a bar end

FOAD keeps us informed. i can dig this, but i busted a bar end and just ride without one now haha. clever quick fix tho. check it///cruise over to THEIR BLOG, they got some winter shred in the mix. hopefully more as the snow season comes in.


jacob and corey getting some flatground dialed.