we havent seen mucH from BBG in a while. sounds like hamrick has been off the bike due to a back injury, but he still got out to film with the rest of em. sick flick as always. they really posse up over there. heal up and get back on the bike soon man. thanks for sending this one through.

christian musgrave 100 degrees

christian and jball put down some tricks at their new spot. looks like theyre working on some diy under the bridge type shit in the wash. heres what christian had to say;

"Hot as nuts today, chillin at Crystal Cove. Slowly gettin built up! shoot us some donations! anything helps!"

get down there and help em out if ur into it. hit up CHRISTIAN on vimeo. 

big wheel bmx

this raffael guy goes fucking huge. im sure this ones making the rounds on the big bike blogs, but if you havent seen in, check it. he's killing it.


sights and sounds

matthew montoya bike check

sick build for sure///matt kills it. got some serious bike handling skills. check that truck at the end (super casual).
full build spec;

Leader pharoh frame prototype
Leader trick star bars
Leader Stem
sadio headset
Shadow Conspuricy grips
Leader reaper fork
Front mtx 33 laced to sadio spark female/ khe mac2 tires
sadio seat and seat post
sadio swoop cranks 175s
sadio molder sprocket 36tooth
sadio bottom bracket
Shadow half link chain
Rear mtx 33 laced to sadio spark hub 14mm
khe mac2 tire
gear rartio 36-13
sadio pegs

more YNOTkorea

more from YNOTkorea///hopefully these guys keep it coming like this. more than a few sick clips in here.


its not all about hd and endless hammers.

bike check // jeffs BB17

caught this one on TRICKTRACK /// this frame has been one of my favorites "through the years" i always love seeing these builds. obviously its the older 29er frame from BB17. these build up sick and this is a killer looking build. drive side pics next time hahaha.

skate shiTT

not your typical skate edit, so dont expect massive hammers or ultra tech here. lots of creative use of spots and unusual tricks tho.

altamont fgfs edit

is altamont picking up fixed riders these days? that would be a come up.


this is some serious fire from boothby///so much good shit in here. real sick how the first half on 700s and the second half is on 26's. i cant say ive seen another edit bring that, one edit, half and half. matt kills it on the production end too. so many good tricks, super good edit, boothby definitely fucking killing it. psyched on that jahrome TT rep at the end hahaha.