haha this shit is too fuckin funny. fixie god aka steven dunnuck just dropped this bike check. if you dont usually watch bike checks///watch this one. steven you a funny fucker man. haha. just watch this shit.

n⊗⊗b$ /// mark flores

heres a quick n00b flick///lots of new names these days.


THE UGHS represent an epic element present in fixed bikes. these guys keep it real creative and always entertaining, i wish they dropped one of these every week haha. so fucking cool. must see TTv.


 this shit caught me way off guard. its been making the rounds on some other blogs, but i turned up the whole photo set on PONYHEART'S FLICKR. shit is insane. i wouldnt suggest going to hard on a frame like this, but for a "luxury" cruiser whip this thing would be sick for sure. i got no details, no nothing, just photos. your guess is as good as mine, but i couldnt resist posting it.

bike check // torey's BB17 serpent proto

as soon as i saw that first SERPENT built up i figured we would see one from  THE WRAHW ONE  torey thornton eventually. fucking psyched to see him on one of these. i see torey as one of those who will probably never switch to 26, so its killer to know his input will go into this frame. BB17 constantly pushes quality product through. amped for this.

tire talk w// rick andersons bruiser

 a week or so ago there was some tire debate on twatter/// so i hit up a couple "experts" to fill us all in on what they ride. these tioga fs100's came up and rick actually rides one, so naturally i asked him to come at me with some info, not to mention he just set up his bruiser2 and we all want to see pics of that shit. here's what he had to say about the "shoes" he currently "runs" on his "whip" hahaha;
tioga fs100: is great for a front tire, pretty thin sidewall but overall a really good grippy street tire
the serfas drifter: is a super solid back tire, extremely puncture resistant and there is no way in hell youll ever skid through this thing.

stay loosen x uat fixed

stay loosen and uat fixed with some flatground shred.

stephen plante /// a day off work

stephen kills it///this edit is super sick. thats a shitload of footage for a one day session. stephen stays consistent and brings out some new shit too 2:48 is so fucking sick. thanks to garrison for upping this and sending it through///heres what he had to say;
"Stephen Plante is one of those guys that gets on a mechanical device and makes it his bitch!
he doesnt do super huge tricks but he will make a barspin look like it never happened between tricks.
went from 4 pegs to no pegs and back to two.
these are a few clips he grabbed on his day off from workin on bikes all day.
he rides for himself and the people who truly support him



EPIFFNY is celebrating 2 years of mayhem with the launch of these hand made tees. i dig one offs, limited, whatever you want to call it. today in THEIR STORE they just launched these 10 of a kind shirts. snatch em up quick before theyre gone. support "private enterprise" haha///everyone wants shit for free, but you gotta support the people who make shit happen, the grass roots startups, and the rider owned.

skate shiTT

jim greco is insane

n⊗⊗b$ // jonah kessel

fixed freestyle's up and coming young gun jonah kessel just dropped this "jamin in culver" edit. hes gunna be a beast one day if he stays at it.

bike check // alec aranowitz all city def wish

 alec sent this through///sounds like he got pikced up by ALL CITY. super sick to see people who stay after it get set up with some loot. this bike looks solid for sure. here's the details;
small all city def wish
rear ryd meat rim laced to all city 14mm
front atomlab pimplite laced to sadi
famili straps to primo stryker pedals
ryd cranks/sprocket
blckmrkt molly hatchet bars
ryd topload stem
all city dropout fork
kink headset
animal seat
alius pivotal seatpost
kmc chain
demoliton bb
cult vans grips
front 2.3 uff da tire rear michelin 1.85


this skatepark and the riding is epic.

n⊗⊗b$ /// albert nunez

looks like albert went hard in the paint for this one. more of that n⊗⊗b$ shit thats setting a new standard for first edits.

2020 FILMS /// BTK

2020 is one of those squads thats kind of disappeared recently. good to see theyre still out there. this video is some strange shit////from the sound of it, they got a meet up going on; "BTK group ride meets at eldorado lake on spring and studebaker every friday at 9pm, we ride at 930pm sharp. All are welcome"