off TTopic// indecline

if your into some messed up stuff i recommend you watch this video// its a great watch from start to finish im sure its out there on the web somewhere


the hisTTory channel: fpz the kids will have their sesh

its hard to believe this was only two years ago. time goes by so fast haha this was the golden days of fast pace zine// its sad to think im the only one still riding out of this crew// nick gnarhesh had so much potential!





heres some shit thats been in the works for a stupid long time///ive tried a few of the mainstream sticker fuckers and havent been able to work through certain "differences of opinion." haha. ive found someone within our "community" that im psyched to work with by way of SHANE over at SHMOB /// VINYL CULTURE came through real quick, and helped me with some back end shit that i couldnt figure out///head over there if ur trying to get your posse some stickers, these guys are doing it right.  psyched to get my hands on these. not sure how to get em out yet since we still dont have a store, but stay TTuned.





bone deth welcomes waffle from what looks like the uk haha // dude jumps off big shit and every time he does sounds like his bike explodes haha///&there is so sick wrecks



fuck yeah//i wanted to see this clip after seeing the screen grabs. quick//musicless//3 super sick tricks, the third being one of the most epic things ive seen in a long time. im always a fan of matts flicks, always a fan of quick clips, this is definitely web flick gold right here. must see TTv///

n⊗⊗b$//omar sebai

this being a first edit and omar being 14, this shit is so sick, got real big potential. kids are getting good quick these days. first edits are getting better and better. its a sign of the times///omar you killing it man///stay at it.


SFG always drops clean edits, good filming, entertaining shit. this ones for YNOTkorea. mellow flick///cruise down the street type shit.

bike check///scissorneck's unknown v2

scissorneck sent thes pics through of his UNKNOWN. looks sick///he opted for the tall bar approach that a lots of you roll with these days. sick blakc out for sure.  souds like he pict it up in raw and painted it matte blakc. heres the specs;
unknown v2 frame
fly stem
unknown bars
unknown fork
unknown cranks
unknown spocket 36
unknown hubs both
mtx33 rimmys
kenda kinipions 2.3
twisted pc pedals
hold fast or die
shadow half link
shadow lil ones pegs
some demo grips? bombs or some shit
some girls cruiser seat

thanks for sending this shit through man /// scissorneck has been in the fixed freestyle shit for a long time. its killer to see he still rides and pushes a current setup.  

wolfrawn screen grabs

if you read, you know i dont usually post photos, but these two are sick. matt continues to come up with mind blowing shit, that first photo is one of the sickest things ive seen in a while. the JD pic is fucking massive. head over to WOLFDRAWN for more.


here is a page from my next issue of my zine///issue two was re sent out this week so keep any eye out for it! &&& issue 3 is in the works!



taj mihelich is always been such an inspiration to me/// watch his enties forward part and find out why he is such a badass.

gabe bike check

gabes a "character" and a sarcastic little shit/// i can appreciate that. this posse always brings good flicks to the table. i hit him up for a bike check on facebook the other day and it looks like he went ahead with a video check up. this build looks super clean. nothing like a murdered out whip.


punx as fuxk


off TTopic// hop into my mini-van

i was sitting here in class pissed off @ my idiot teacher so i check my fb as a act of rebellion///& elliot santilan sent me this video & i couldnt stop laughing at it


skate shiTT

death wish video coming soon // they bringin that grit back to skateboarding.

Marwin Ou TThe VVizzard

so pumped to see marwin putting out edits///ive always been a fan of his style hes been holding it down for awhile! DA WIZZZZARRRRDDDD!


zoo yk // chill edit

got this one twitted at me. some skatepark chill out from HOHO_FUN on vimeo. snagged from 19TOOTH. definitely appreciate shit being sent my way no matter how it gets here. this ones got a good mix of bmx and fixed bikes.

xlife frame and fork video check

pretty sick close up shots and video walk through of an XLIFE frame. these things look pretty good. these guys over at FURY are coming out of nowhere with a shitload of flicks right now.


this is a friend of a reader, you may remember alex from posts like THIS ONE, and THIS ONE /// he obviously has ties to bmx. pretty killer to see some bmx/fixed crossover shit going on. his buddy  goes hard as fuck in the paint. theres some massive shit in here. check it.


lots of n00b$ coming out of the woodwork these days. keep watch///this fixed shit changes quick and its these new names that come in and change the game.