UNKNOWN and THIETH have been hard at work collaborating on a shirt and masterminding a contest for the loyal following. the contest rules are as follows; the biggest truck driver (flat to flat, no flyouts, no ramps, ie; off a curb, a two stair, a ledge) wins an unknown v2 frame, and your choice TT shirt. all submissions must be in the "traditional" quick clip format (keep it under 30 seconds). runner up prize for 2nd place will also win TTSHIRTS, two of your choice. the deadline is OCTOBER 31ST. send em through, this contest will be ongoing, submissions are accepted at any time until the 31st.
we've been slaving over this collaborative effort. i like the results///this TTSHIRT came out epic. quantities are limited and this is a ONE TIME RUN. pick one up at UNKNOWN now. also for the launch and for the first time ever in FUCKING RETARDED LIMITED quantities ive brought back TTIGERBLOOD and dropped a couple FUCKING KILLING IT shirts in the mix at the UNKNOWN BIKES STORE.

repost///tell your friends///lets see some trucks off shit. thank you for reading TTvBLOG.com

disclaimer: TTvBLOG and UNKNOWN BIKES are not responsible for any injuries as a result of participation in this contest. all participation is at your own risk.
for further terms and conditions contact: TTvBLOG@GMAIL.COM

bike check /// jordan smiths ted james 26 proto

ted james aka superted has been an influential force behind freestyle bikes since way back. sick to see some new shit from him, and jordan smith is an animal haha. this kid goes for it. dig those handelbars, that custom job is epic. watch for the slam at the end.


creepy freak show

quinton & brandon

i could swear ive seen this one before, but the up date is the 6th and i definitely didnt catch it in the last 4 days. some decent tricks here from some young shredders.


this G.O.A.T. edit just "resurfaced" on youtube. i totally missed it the first time around, if there was a first time around. either way, heres some G.O.A.T. shit from DEMONSNYC. lots of slams in here, some clips youve probably already seen, this posse goes hard in the paint.

skate shiTT

euro skate spots are always sick. that line at 0:43 is sick.


JD sent through a picture of his latest UNKNOWN build. shit is looking so sick. but wait theres more /// review the list below for some one of a kind parts that ONLY JD has been able to get his hands on haha;

Frame: X-Small Unknown v2 26
Fork: BB17 cobra v1?
Bars: Unknown 4.5
Stem: Suelo
Grips: VansX CVLT
Seat: Resist
Seatpost: Unknown Pivotal
Seat Clamp: Unknown
Cranks: Sputnic 175mm
Pedals: Odyssey PC X Grab Slow F/R
Sprocket: Unknown 33t
Chain: KMC K-mart edition
Rims: Mtx33 rear mtx 31 front
Hubs: Unknown
Rear Cog: 13t fiber light steel cog
Tires: Snafu Knob job and Rim Job
Headset: Animal
BB: Unknown
Spokes: Hyper super Light Titanium allow
Spoke Nipples: Carbon fiber Thread on Nipple Blasters
Bar ends: CVLT
Hub Guards: front g sport rear FBM
Pegs: Front Demo Rear Shadow Lil guy
Top Cap: FSA 1996 Interbike edition
Bike Stand.: Popped Basket ball and dirt clods 


also caught this while cruising the BONEDETH blog. looks like the whole thing is up on youtube if ur into it.

bike dice // chacon vs bmx

chacon is no stranger to bike dice and he shows no mercy here. from what ive seen he stays super consistent. put your money on chacon to win most games of bike dice haha.

monday sucks///eat shiTT

this ones a classic.

bone deth vibrator seat

 BONEDETH always brings some epic shit to the table. this saddle is super sick. definitely gunna try to get my hands on one of these when they available. so fucking sick.

n00b$ // eric comacho

heres some n00b shit from eric comacho. looks like he actually stacked footage for this, lots of footage. kinda long, but hes got potential for shred.