skate shiTT

jball sent this one through /// shit is soo fucking sick. i had to post it up as soon as i saw it. even if you dont typically watch skate flicks or dont like skateboarding, WATCH THIS SHIT. /// mustseeTTv// fucking killing it.


two year old hoder footage is still fucking hoder footage haha. i dig watching this guy ride.


looks like JBALL is finally pushing a new whip. he's been on that cutter for a long time // the new DEFWISH is looking sick. killer colorway, legit build. psyched for this guy... and lol (suck my cog) haha, i didnt know what that shit stood for before. heres the rundown//still pushing 700's;

Frame: All-City Def Wish Medium
Fork: All-City Dropout
Headset: FSA Impact
Stem: LDG Freestyle Stem
Handlebars: All-City Fuzzy Bars w/ Animal Edwin Grips
Front Wheel: 700c Chukker Laced to Bicycle Union
Rear Wheel: 700c H+Son EERO Laced to Resist 14m
Cranks: Resist 165mm
Sprocket:36t Profile
BB: Colony
Pedals: Odyssey Chrome
Chain: KMC Halflink
Seatpost: Resist
Saddle: Primo

westfixed // jottas last fixed flick

WESTFIXED just dropped this one, that live recorded music is pretty sick. sounds like this will be the last fixed flick from jotta, he'll be making the switch back to bmx. RIP. haha. the edits were definitely sick while they lasted and theres some fire in this one.


that last flick had some NWA in it /// this is one of my favorites from eazy-e. they dont make em like they used to. 


some fixed some skate some bmx from d-suke. digging that soundtrack haha.

n00bs // edward pravong

some n00b shit /// 180's both ways and no indian giver.

unknown bikes /// shoffice

UNKNOWN has been coming up hard in the past year or so. its sick to see a brand come from little known to household name. looks like they getting themselves a storefront and office. no riding in here///just psyched to see fixed shit growing.

off TTopic

this one goes way back // i remember this was up for a while but then got took down? i dont remember the details, but this ones classic. i dont and wont continue posting "messenger" shit. nothing against it, but theres a fuckload of blogs that already give it all the coverage it needs.

skate shiTT

some super old ali boulala footage /// back in the baggy pants days. theres some crazy shit in here, 0:53 and that slam at the end are fucking nuts. also, theres some of what looks like local ditch footage. sick.