i never thought this day would come haha. this shit is so sick. congo decided to build up an LDG on 26's. shit looks "fly" as fuck, digging the green p35's, and you know he is going to kill it to death on that smaller wheelset. i cant wait to see what kind of shit "pops off" with this guy on a 26" build. make sure you retweet//link TTv on this "XXXCLVSIVE ASS BULSHIT" motherfuckers. haha. congo///"you the man son".

quick clip /// eat shiTT

even tho he doesnt really eat shiTT this is fucking sick. ive seen it before, came across it again, and had to post this. even if youve seen it, watch it. the fact that he doesnt eat shit makes this even more epic. MUST SEE TTv.


100% RIDER OWNED AND AMERICAN FUCKIN MADE /// DESTROY is a legit grass roots brand coming up. "This video showcases what Destroy Bicycles and their riders do on a day to day basis." i dig there style over there and hope to see these guys come up hard in the future. they got a new website up///shit looks real good, big step forward from the previous site. HEAD OVER THERE and buy something. support rider owned shit.

ninja cats // introducing christian newell

NINJA CATS is one of my favorite posse's to watch out for. looks like they picked up a new shredder to film with. check it.

michael chacon summertime madness

you know whats good // chacon stays after fixed tricks like a professional haha. for real tho, always a fuckload of good tricks in his edits, you already know to watch this shit//probably already seen it. some adventures across the border in this one. i dig that section. click it.


first trick is sick // haha. lots of good shit in this one.

big wheel bmx

some of that big wheel shit. #youknowwhatsgood. haha. pegs in this one.


in the age of 26, BB17 brings us a new 29er in the works. this shit looks sick, and you know its quality coming from BB17. cant wait to hear more about this. CLICK THROUGH for way more photos.

skate shiTT // double feature

david gravette gets fucking gnarly, gets creative, keeps skateboarding legit. the spots, the unconventional lines in skateparks, this guy can skate anything. if youve seen enough p-rod nike videos///check out some real skateboarding in this double fuckin feature.

the title of this second one is "sickest rail ever" // its a quick clip, and the title says it all. fucking epic.

bike check // léo ceravolo

here's a good one to test out your hd tv with haha. FGG always brings some high quality shit to the table. short, clean, UNKNONW build looks good.

after the rain

i dig riding solo///self filmed edits are always some good shit. you gotta get creative with where you put the camera. gettin shit dialed.