benz test

some n00b shit as far as i know. but theres some heat in here. 0:42 is so sick.


i know theres some pictureplane fans out there /// this ones also relevant to THIETH on some level; i was thinking of dropping hats with my "PARENTTAL ADVISORY" logo on em til these started showing up. fuck it///tune in, this video is on some far out shit for sure and dude has crazy "swagger" haha.

the hisTTory channel

this hisTTory channel features taylor dwight // with his RECENT REAPPEARANCE i thought it was time to put SLAYLOR on blast. he's consistent, skilled, and way comfortable on a bike. this goes back 2 years, and looks like it was his 3rd of a shitload of edits. tiny tires, showing some seatpost, lots of back wheel "twirling" haha, definitely some shit from the early days. the title also has a story to it (not all in a school yard), this was his rebuttal to one of those "big time" bloggers calling him out for filming his whole flick in a school yard haha. psyched he's back at it, hes been killing it for a long time.

toTTal repost///big wheel bmx

i posted this once before///months ago. but the readership wasnt as strong back then and i think this flick is definitely worth the watch. kind of old, but i wish there were more big bike flicks like this. some grit in the mix. this flick definitely delivers, more so considering how old it is... upped two years ago. must see TTv.

skate shiTT

this ones kind of longish and has some "life story" bullshit. but theres some good skating and it makes for some entertainment if you got the time.

spun handlebars

ive been seeing these spun bars around for a while now and they look sick. i think theyre the tallest bars without a crossbar thats out there. ive tried crossbar life with three different sets of bars and just cant get down with it (to each their own on that one). if youre trying to get down with something taller but dont want a crossbar, check em out HERE, HERE, AND HERE. i wanna snag a set for sure.

mean grip

this guy has 180 bars dialed.


the gully factory consistently drops edits worth watching.