that new shit WOLFDRAWN /// the intro is epic LOL. this edit is way too sick. killer to see antonyo in the mix. KVLT KLIPS are instant classics. just watch this shit.

ryd bikes fall edit

theres some serious hammers in here.  RYD posse stepped their game up hard for this one. good spot variety, 2:52 is huge, and that table setup right after is super sick. definitely the best RYD edit so far. must see TTv.


if you ever been to sd you know about this spot and how epic it was its a sad day to see it gone. for more pictures typical culture


nasty X hold fast

i havent seen much coverage on these and dont typically post too much new product shit///but im a fan of both NASTY and HOLD FAST . these look sick. im always about a black colorway no matter what the product and the hammers are sick. snag a set///support rider owned, not redbull exploited. SEEN HERE


please play this really loud &// if your ear didnt bleed wasnt loud enough


rooTTs//Van Fucking Homan

This is one of thee most legendary parts ever filmed soak it up and learn why///van homan will save us hahaha



guess whos back?/// to bring you some visual pleasure

"No Description available" Nor is one possible.



GUS and I have been talking about this since he filled in while i was on vacation/// THIETH proudly presents 8Y8LURK's "VVIKED VVEDNESDAYS". gus will be a more permanent fixture here on wednesdays to post whatever the fuck he wants, including but not limited to; bmx shit/music/art//fixie bike check ups/skater footage/pictures of his shit/his perfect white russian ingredients/drawings of dead bodies/who knows. it will be just as much a surprise to me as it is to you. stay TTuned. 

quick clip // vxglitch

dig the "shittiness" of this one. i think the glitch ads some "authenticity" haha. torey's videos are always killer. check this quick one from the WRAHW man himself.


eclat team gets it done


you mightve caught some banter on TWITTER yesterday, i posted up tire shit and it was cause for some discussion... so i brought it over to the blog. theres a shitload of tires out there, hard to decide, price/weight/durability are factors, so i took up some experts to "inform" us. heres what JD (fucking sick shirt in that photo) had for us on his tire choice. 
"In my opinion the best tires I've ridden so far are the Snafu Knobjob/ Rim job 26x2.3. The Knobjob has sidewall tread and the rimjob doesn't. Homie Gus Molina hooked it up with these and they are the best I've ridden so far for my style of riding.

Pros: Tires are super grippy, Have sidewall tread, are thick so they are semi thorn resistant, and don't wear out quick. Perfect dirt/street tire.

Cons: Tires are a bit heavy which is only a concern if yous a bitch. Don't slide the best so if your into doing WOLFDRAWNS then this may not be the best tire for you. The tire measures out to be smaller than a 2.3 but if your familiar with the Kiniptions they are about that size. I ride mtx33 and a mtx31 and Gus rides p35s and they look alot bigger on his rims, depends on what you rollin on."

skate shiTT

the local heroes at TRONG just upped a new one. looks like some b/side type shit. they keep it coming over there///click through and check  em out.

winter shred

its raining again this morning///more winter shred. feels like "winter" in california haha. if there is such a thing. anyways==heres some "regular ass" baggy pants snowboarding on rails and shit.