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packy golan///fall clips

some legit fixed riding in the midst of the web flick drought haha. this ones sick for sure, packy always brings good shit to the table, always stepping his game up. that nollie 180 at houghton is some killer shit/real proper. gabe and mike throw down some hammers in here too. this whole posse is coming up. psyched to see packy still repping that #TTIGERBLOOD. must see TTv.

phoenix. in paris

here's one that i cant say i remember posting. some PHOENIX. team in paris footage. seems familiar. if ur "fiending" for some fixie shit haha, check it. i almost remember posting this. toTTal repost?

dead air///too weak edit

 quick one from k birdie///he's calling it weak, but at least theres something new. one fixed/one skate/one bmx. all TTv favorites. haha.

tires///tioga fs100

ive been looking around for a new 26 tire to "pimp" my fucking whip out and i came across these (TIOGA FS100) //killer looking tread, reasonable weight {2.10" - 760g (Folding Bead)
2.30" - 870g (Folding Bead)}. havent found anywhere to get my hands on these as of yet tho.
check em, they build up clean;
ive been using RIDESTREET bike checks as a reference point for parts and shit lately. theres a lots of bike checks on there. worth a look///fixed bikes arent far off from these dj//big bmx bikes and we use a lot of the same parts.
also been seeing these on fixed builds lately. via BB17


skate shiTT///double feature

SLAVE is some of the most legit skate shit out there. this ones filmed off the tv///next time use a fucking tripod lol. still sick to catch a look at some slave shit. but wait // theres more:
i caught this gif via M@REYES on twitter. so fucking sick:

quick clip///suzkid

wheelie/hop bar.


jay wilson goes hard. short edit///no bullshit.


the BB17 BLOG just got a update with a shitload of charmer builds. head over and check it out. theres all sorts of styles and colors like a bag of fucking skittles. thanks to BB17 for the link in there too.

winter shred

its raining today///and we are "officially" through the summer, almost time for some winter shred. heres some stylized winter stick shred flick shit.