quick clip///2tone wothe

way sick///antonyo is making the most of his california experience. this is the second epic quick clip we've seen from him as of late. tony k with the video capture, killer clip for sure.

monday sucks///eat shiTT


off TTopic

caught this on ANTONYO's facebook///good for a laugh. had to post it.

-------------///// T T v \\\\\ -------------

epic title on this one haha. i fucking love quick clips///nollie 180 is some super killer shit and shanes got em dialed way stylish. so good to see some footage from this guy, he's been hiding under a rock since his bike got stolen and computer got bust up. looks like his riding is still progressing. so sick. #SHMOB

ghilbran "otong"

more from indonesia today///gilbran has been putting out flicks for a while now. this ones on some cruise around town shit. i still dig those original 700 specific charmers. looks like a comfortable geo.


this is nothing new///but its a classic IMO. if you havent seen it click the fucker now. hands down the best bike check ive ever seen.

FGG // street session

more like street//dirt//park edit. these guys ride everything.

big wheel bmx

this guy has some serious bike handling skills. fucking kills it on a big bike. for the most part we have minishred type shit here///i hope he drops a full on stacked clips edit soon.

skate shiTT

whatever the weather teaser///this shit is making the rounds on skate sites and its definitely worth the watch. real solid skate shiTT right here.

galih purnomoXfixed drunk for famous indonesia

some solid riding from indonesia. its killer to see people everywhere riding fixed trick bikes. goes to show that shit like this is "universal". some pretty solid lines in here, these guys get better with each edit.

n00bs///short weekend edit

some young guns with some neighborhood front yard shred. looks like they got a good size posse to ride with on their block.