tom la marche for specialized

if you only watch one edit all year haha/// this is so fucking sick, tom has been killing it since day one and still delivers. the ender is some next level shit. always raising the bar///lamarche is a fucking beast // fucking killing it. if you dont watch this, you fuckin up.

some clips with daniel

DYLAN FISHNCHIPS posted this up on the facebook wall///sick find. some good shit in here. thanks for sending it through man.

gabe alcantara

caught this one on facebook///according to the post its 13 year old gabe alacantara at the cccp classic. i dont usually post up pictures, but this sick. i dig seeing the younger shredders kill it.

quick clip///charles schoen///bummer reel

charles just upped some some leftover shit. sick gritty quick clip for sure. this ones packed with way more than the typical quick clip.

skitch///finn zygowski

tom briggs//SKITCH know how to put together a killer flick, its good to see some new shit from these guys. been way too long. finn puts down some good shit in this one for sure. the bomb down stairs at 1:29 is way sick. unexpected epic flick for sure. dont miss it.

skate shiTT

the first line is so sick.


that hang5 at 0:27 is sick.

keep em spinnin at cunningham skatepark

this flick is so sick///so many people killing it in here. epic posse, epic skatepark, so many hammers, good tunes. must see TTv for sure.
fucking killing it. 

n00bs///ryan schuk

some n00b shit from ryan schuk///hitting all the irvine spots. kinda long. looks like they even rode the shopping mall over there haha.




how they kill you///play this loud

bike check///tomypunks radio bombtrack

caught this over at SOUNDTRACK///these things build up clean. definitely a killer setup. head over for a build list and way more pics.

skate shiTT

TILDETH is some epic grass roots skate shit//


this ones fucking sick///seen on 888888PURPLEDRANK like list. oscar always comes up on killer shit.

tutorial///how to fakie

"We noticed that there are only a few fgfs fakie tutorials on youtube and most of them aren't really that helpful... at all."
i can dig that///stay at it.