Sunday October 2, San Jose, CA. Hosted by Andrian Grime, Ed Wonka, & Matt Montoya. This has been in the works for months, shits going to be huge.

big wheel bmx

KNS.LO is easily my favorite big bike squad to watch these days. i dont know how i let this one slip past///but judging from the number of views and likes on vimeo, it looks like everyone missed it.


killer footage

skate shiTT

nestor has sick smoothe style.

bike check///alex garrett's BB17 charmer

look at those fuckin tires. if those roll quick on the street, theyre pretty sick. this build looks mean as fuck. seems like CHARMERS always build up nice. caught it on TRICKTRACK.

bike check///unknown on whitewalls

pretty sick UNKNOWN build here///mine is on whitewalls too these days. caught it on TWITTER, no part list, but a sick build no less.


more from the guys who brought you chocolate truck///these guys bring a killer element to the table. lots of antics in this flick.

bike check: rey-now's ldg hammer

theres been some shit talk on TRICKTRACK lately, but i still dig cruising through the bike photo thread. heres one of the latest snags. solid setup;

Frame:LDG Hammer
Fork:Sadio Booster
Handlebar:Sadio Hotbar
Grip:Animal edwin delarosa signature
Crank:165 mm ryd. i'm gonna change to 175mm crank soon.
Sprocket:33t Sadio molar
Seatpost:resist pivotal seatpost
Seat:Sadio Fatboy x The Grime pivotal seat
L.pedal:animal steven hamilton
R.Pedal:Crankbrothers 5050
F.Rim+tire :Alexrims Supra 34, Maxxis DTH 26x2.30
R.Rim+tire :MTX 33, Maxxis Holyroller 26x2.20

mashafix presents the iminusd comp

MASHAFIX stays at it with some fixed video coverage. this ones from the IMINUSD comp. always one of a kind coverage from jahrome///he gets a perspective on shit that most other people cant connect with. always sick. head over to his blog for a write up on his coverage.

stoked on fixed bikes issue 5

theres always lots of sick "fgfs" pics in these. this shit is going strong///keep it going. i dig the "bloggable" magazine. always killer.

new camera///new ramps

that first clip is epic///fucking going for it.