360 trick tip

this is sick//reppin that TT for the trick tip. claiming he made this shit for his speech class. thats some funny shit if he did. john paul case has been holding it down for a long time, good to see something from him.  it looks like hes definitely comfortable on his bike these days///has a dialed 360. sick flick.

FOAD///sam sings

i got high hopes for this posse///second flick i think ive seen from them, and that first one was sick for sure. this ones full of antics and shit. check it.


thanks to the fixiefactory for filling in today.

revoked full video on vimeo

this is sick///thanks to fonseca for putting this shit up on vimeo. so sick. if you havent seen it, dont miss it. the whole video start to finish is up on vimeo now.

FF/// Dance2011

Pissy and Congo have some sick dance moves.... who knew?! via wolfdrawn

FF/// Spank Rock: DFT DADT

FF/// Mikey Babbel Snafu Edit

Mikey Babbel crushes it in this edit for Snafu. The bump jump to double peg over the planter was SICK! Seems like feeble hard 180's are becoming the norm after the Dave Thompson edit dropped last week... oh yeah... -as seen on TCU.


If you're a frequent reader of this blog you should know what FF is by now. We've got some stickers and an edit in the process/// keep your eyes and ears to the street for more details

FF/// Throwback Thursday Presents Eric Puckett

Japanther, River PHoenix, Eric Puckett, Lobster Hands, 26" front 700 rear, Volume Cutter, track cranks, super raked out fork.... this video had all the right ingredients. I remember seeing this one a couple of years back and it blew my mind. Just watched it twice so that makes it.... the 73rd time.

FF/// Jibbin

Zac Marben, I think, has one of the sickest styles in the game. Full board control. This video is 3 years old and I still revisit it frequently. Rocker boards FTW. Sick song choice too!

FF/// Kenny Hong

Taking over the the TheithSayer while he is away training/// I found this on TrickTrack today. Sick edit and keep at it. I haven't seen a backwards circle to slider in years!!