"prolly spin" tutorial

real slow day for fixed flicks, so i went digging and came up with this tutorial. i love how he calls it a "prolly" spin. back in the day i think it was even called a blog spin at one point. thanks for the tutorial man//i dont see many people doing these anymore, but its a classic trick for sure.

bike check///jamil gray's unknown

jamil just posted up this bike check on THE ESTABLISHED. he keeps that shit updated, its definitely worth a look. head over there for details on his UNKNOWN build. looks sick///and still pushing 700c.


i think most will agree that when this flick dropped, the fixed freestyle game changed. jensen kills it and came out of nowhere. a bunch of tricks in here still cant be matched. this flick is definitely some BEST SHIT EVER in my book. if you havent seen it///dont be stupid, click that shit. if you have, watch it again. so sick.

skate shiTT

more "rap inspired" web flick action///another current one from the skate world. skatepark annihilation, rap tunes, music video style "swagger" haha. pretty solid one day style edit.


something current this time///definitely some killer shit in here and some "hip hop" tunes for those who get down like that.

the hisTTory channel///tony k

this hisTTory channel doesnt go back as far as some of em, but i saw tony was posting up some of his old edits on FACEBOOK. he's been consistently delivering fixed flicks for our entertainment for about a year now///not only that but most have been legitimately entertaining. i enjoyed the look back, so im passing it on. this is the oldest flick i could find on his vimeo... youll see some familiar faces in here. seems like he rides with everyone in long beach and gets killer coverage. keep em coming tony... these flicks are classic.

proud cat 26er

just caught this on the PROUDCAT FACEBOOK. looks like the latest rev of their 26er frame. head over and check it out. more build pics over at the PROUD CAT BLOG too.

fixeddrunk x galihpurnomo

this is a teaser///something is coming soon.


tell that bitch///#HUYAMOUF