zlog crew diy spot "the living room"

the spot, the riding, the absence of music, this flick is so sick. you already know its some must see TTv coming from the ZLOG POSSE, but the spot itself is worth a look. so good, i watched this three times. always killing it//psyched on the TTSHIRT in there. i wanna know what that frame is that butchers riding///that geo looks sick.


fuck yeah///this shit is unbelievable///slaylor is back from the dead. been soooooo long since we've seen some footage from him. arimoto killing the handrail game and danimal comes through with some hammers for sure. this flick is pure fire. sick to see the boss over there makes an appearance at the end. real deal shit//must see TTv.

gorbis///payton schwarz

looks like payton has been going hard to stack clips and learn tricks. their game stepped up hard since the previous flicks. this is some killer progression from the GORBIS posse, been a bit since we've seen an edit, but the improvement speaks for itself. keep em coming guys.


sights and sounds

skate shiTT

speed, spots, style, creativity///this is a grass roots skate flick at its finest. this guy fucking kills it for sure. must see TTv. dont miss this one if you dig the skate flicks. DRY BONES is legit, check em out, follow if ur with it. caught this via 888888PURPLEDRANK's like list on vimeo.

iminusd two year anniversary

clean high production coverage of the IMINUSD 2 year comp. click through to their blog for details.

monday sucks///eat shiTT

this ones fuckin heavy///"viewer discretion advised"///caught this on sean coats like list.


this ones making the rounds///its fire. definitely worth the watch.

horchata is good

THIETH loves a quickie///especially when its some shit like this. fucking epic one liner from antonyo. looks like hes getting the best of of his california experience. the fixie factory is the truth.

B.M.F. quick peek

looks like steven dunnuck and will gibbons teamed up for a BLKMRKT edit. ive skated this park they are riding and its insanely tight (like small transitions, shits close together///literally tight). still sick to see two of these bikes in one place, and cool to see these guys getting out to ride together.

bike check: radio bombtrack

TOMYPUNK of SOUNDTRACK posted up some pics and specs of his RADIO BOMBTRACK setup. this shit looks like a sick complete. i wonder how available these will be out here. head over and check it out.

quick clip///flashing lights

there hasnt been too much in the way of quick clips lately. psyched to see em.

bike check: BB17 26er

caught this one on TRICKTRACK. killer clean build, legit parts, these BB17 frames look sick as fuck for sure. head over to TRICKTRACK for more pics and detailed build specs.

takeaminute summerish

this is a first flick from takeaminute, but theres some good shit in here. looks like some norcal, digging the skate clip intro.


tony k got a chance to build up/ride the UNKNOWN proto. cool to see it on 26's and still looking good.

irvine group edit

more from irvine. these guys have a shitload of spots to ride. i can imagine fixed bikes in irvine is probably growing beyond what we end up seeing on the internet. tons of spots and probably a shit load of people who ride, not to mention, super easy to get around on bike trails there. this edit is named appropriately haha, definitely a big group, some familiar faces, some new. 




seems like these SAVAGE edits get more savage every time. this shit is so sick. some unseen shit goes down for sure//fucking killing it.

Justin "Congo" Mitchell
Tony Khensouvan
Mike Dinh
Christian Musgrave
Joe Mckeag
Nick Narachi