WRAHW shit is always sick. im psyched as fuck on this///cant wait for it to drop;

"This is the first "teaser" for our team/family video, Excessive Underabundance. We are no where near being done with filming for the video..."


this EVAN SERVICE///FOAD edit is legit. looks like stacked footage, solid variety in this flick, lots of good riding, and some TT//SHIRT in there. so fucking sick. must see TTv for sure.

phillip williams///still here

shark and sam clark are staying at it. this is some serious dedication to constantly getting edits out. lots of fresh spots in this one. phillips been staying on his bike and it shows.

night sesh///dennis&swoo

"Randomly went out for a ride with Denis at 3am and rode for a couple hours. Was a tiring night but very fun as well. Totally messed me up the next day though, so never again!!" -swoo