iminusd team winter/spring sraps

fucking sick. hardly scraps. tons of hammers.

planet hops show reel

planet hops always brings good flicks, ks yun put a good oen together here. this ones got some editing tricks, killer filming, and quality riding. heres what they had to say:

"We've been building up our team for 2years.
This film will show you all our 2 years' time.
We've been injured but at the same time we really enjoyed ourselves all lot.
And we will remember all those memories and do ourselves best for our bright future!
_Kiseok YUN
_SeoungWan OH
_BonJun KOO
_YoungMin YOE
_HyunHo KIM
_HyunWoo KIM
_SeoungYup LEE"


this one was twitted at me by @won_yer///some real solid riding from some exotic foreign land. haha. i dig seeing footage from "around the world" its always sick to see different spots. Ghilbran, Kiki, Reyno go hard... its been a while since they last dropped an edit.


uh. theres definitely some interesting music in this one. haha. little bit of trick shit in the mix too.