Fixie Factory// rooTTs

Verde BMX - Dave Thompson Video Part from Verde Bikes on Vimeo.

us here at the fixie factory have been wildin out over the creative grinds in this edit. give it a watch. must see fixie factory tv -k

michael chacon sept 2011 quickie

just caught this one on THEESTABLISHED (jamils blog). pretty sick quick flick. dont miss it. chacon can just hammer out tricks non stop.


hahahaha. this is sick.


fucking epic///these guys go hard as fuck. get juiced for the weekend. i hope they keep edits like this coming. must see TTv.

c'est la merckx 2

looks like some good shit went down. marco was definitely killing it. 1st place was definitely deserved.

skate shiTT

this one goes out to TJ///as far as i know, he's a big geoff rowley fan. this one dates back to 1996, 15 years old, kind of hard to believe. hopefully it goes back far enough that some geoff rowley fans out there havent seen it. he's been skating since before some of you could walk or were born haha.

big wheel bmx

not too much fixed shit this morning///but theres some brand new big wheel bmx. mellow edit. some solid lines in her for sure.


a change of pace///some soft tunes for your inner bitch haha. kidding. start your friday with some tunes and and eye show.