miles mathia "mystery edit"

snagged this from WRAWH by way of colin. such a sick edit, i definitely didnt catch this the first time around. way psyched on this find//its so sick when someone digs shit like this up.

dont break yourself kid

what better than a flick repping some nempro to follow up that web store post. this guy has a crazy cab3 style.

bike check: pissy's whip

caught this one on instagram too///pissys whip got a fresh coat of paint and its looking sick as fuck. this color is epic. the whole setup is looking real mean right now. always killing it.

nempro web store

i caught this on instagram///the NEMESIS PROJECT BIG CARTEL store is looking good. lots of new shit in there. CLICK THROUGH and check it out. support rider owned/grass roots brands.

for the country

i havent been able to watch this yet, and its way long, but it looks interesting.




most of you have probably already seen this///but did you SEE this??? haha. boothby is repping that TTSHIRT in the pic. here we have the kind of news that i would typically keep going past since im not much for photos, but fuck man, i think this is the first time THIETH has been repped upside down. haha. so fucking sick. boothby's killing it. (i cant believe i even caught that///either way, im psyched, thanks boothby for reppin that thing on backflip day)


WOLFDRAWN flicks are fucking sick. some classic midwest spots, killer bank spots, epic slams... coupled with style and delivery. corey's drop down grinder is epic. everyone went hard in the paint and it shows. always fucking sick. must see TTv.


its been a while since i posted up some TRONG, but i always like to support local/grassroots shit. this squad is from the long beach area and they kill it on skateboards. head over to THEIR BLOG and check em out. support local shit, support grassroots, people going hard in the paint just for the love of it.

reppin that TT

its so sick seeing you guys rep these///and the photo tags are welcomed, its almost like i was there and forgot (cant say thats never happened before) haha. fucking psyched on it.  be on the lookout for that #HUYΔMOUF to drop soon... possibly somewhere other than here, so keep watch on some of THIETHs favorite sites.


more goods from PISSEDEAD, i love these. they are definitely setting the standard for a particular genre of fixed flick. these are always entertaining, killer use of spots, no fucks given. that footplant in the first few seconds is sick as fuck. keep this shit coming guys. digging that TT shirt rep in there///but what a waste of beer haha.

big wheel bmx

we have musgrave to thank for this find///he posted it up on facebook, and this is just about one of the most solid big wheel flicks ive seen in a long time. MUST SEE TTv.

rooTTs///RIP rickey bates

RIP to the fearless//fun loving rickey bates. more details HERE (ESPN),  HERE (RIDE BMX), HERE (VITAL BMX), HERE (DIGITAL BMX)  and HERE (THECOMEUP). keep that #BANNED hashtag going.

backyard chillin

hellachunky sent this one through. some backyard chillout///makes me wish i had a back yard, a nice big concrete one like that. id probably hang out back there and ride too.

off TTopic///lol

elevated engineering upped this///some sick "tricks" "go down" lol.


rick wanted me to share this with you. its a gif of him eating breakfast with the G.O.A.T.