interbike show G.O.A.T.

this makes for a good follow up to that KRILLZ bike check. heres the G.O.A.T. from interbike. quick//dig the intro and editing.

bike check: krillz g.o.a.t.

its always sick to see peoples setups///more so when its someone "high profile". mike sent through this pic of krillz' G.O.A.T. build. its a step outside the norm with a more commuter type feel, but i can dig it. definitely sick color choices, and these frames pretty much look sick no matter how you chop em. head over to the GRIME BLOG and read some words on their prototyping///doesnt look like theyre in stock yet, but im psyched to see these hit the street.


sick quick flick from WK for YNOT. "smoothe flowing lines"///dig the vibe in this one.


yo THIETH///the readers are sick of all that BANNED and BONEDETH shit you post, they want some tech shit. haha/fuck you. heres some tech shit. dig that double take clip stuff in this one.

big wheel bmx

caught this on facebook///cant remember who from. its squish fork, but its packed full of entertainment.


this edit is sick///straight out the gate with the title i was interested, and that content delivers. haha. legit fucking skateboarding mixed with fixed. must see TTv///please drop more of these. 1:06 is epic. thanks to alex for sending this through.

meow meow

NINJA CATS always spit fire and oscar is some kind of filming machine. tons of creative clips in here, antics, entertainment. good to see people holding down the gritty side of fixed flicks. so necessary, so well executed.

skate shiTT

i know this is pretty much a commercial, but i can handle the video type advertisements.this is a pretty killer contest///head over to THUNDER for details. skate stoppers fucking suck.


i see a hit single on KISSFM (does that still exist? i dont have radio in my car anymore) and a video on MTV in the future for this one. haha.

off TTopic?

this is definitely fixed shit, and definitely trick shit, but not the kind id typically post. looks like its some sort of commercial from foreign tv. make sure you watch it til the end or its not worth watching. snagged this from the 14BIKECO BLOG

weird pista 022

once you get into this, theres actually some real good comp coverage.

bike check: swoo's charmer 26

swoo's bike is looking clean and dialed. i got a good laugh out of that rock shox sticker on the fork hahaha. so sick. click through to CONSTANT REVOLUTION for more details and better pics.

sams custom reflective hold fast straps

these are sick///click over to BMORE FIXED for pics of the straps. also, stay tuned to their blog, they keep it constantly updated. BMORE FIXED stays at it with their blog, i dig reading it, and i dig reblogging from em. they keep it fresh and the site looks good these days.