ed wonka

just when i thought i could call it a day///another hammer drops. with ed on the bike and worm behind the production its guaranteed to be fucking fire. way too many clips in here to call out. dont hesitate to watch this one. must see TTv. WHEEL TALK FIXED



Fixie Factory #2

going in hard at the factory -a

some new, some old, some crazy

dunnuck keeps em coming///this ones not short on variety thats for damn sure. theres more than just "some" crazy in here, but that barhop at 0:21 is so sick. "we in long beach right now" hahaha. holding it down.

congo for protec

a hell of a duo put this one together//your man vince UNKNOWN teamed up with the man himself, CONGOLOID to bring you some top shelf entertainment. this flick is killer///good pace throughout, cruising town vibes, and some magic in the clip gathering (0:20 so epic). this shit is fire, if you only watch one today, this is it. congo kills it, and vince delivers on the edit. too bad that ender didnt go as planned, the gap is sick as fuck. MUST SEE TTv.

michael chacon and matt montoya in sd

that ditch spot is fucking insane sick. you already know chacon and montoya bring fire. this is a quick one///quickly filmed and put together too. killing it on the camera work too///that last clip is some killer filming.

saru movie 5

homage to old school tarck trickin///chacon eat your heart out, check that back tire tornado action haha. for real tho, this flick is pretty sick. theres lots of creative tricks in here. reminds me of a modern mix of wizards flatground style and chacons back wheel control. "tarck's not dead" haha. i caught this while cruising the FROOTS BLOG///good find guys.

planet hops summer 2008

PLANET HOPS just came through with this one///good to see something new from these guys. caught it on the FROOTS BLOG.

quick clip///big wheel bmx

some big wheel bmx quick clip flick///i dig this trick, not like it hasnt been done, but its one of the more tech grind tricks out there. lets see more of em on fixed bikes.

Biketoberfest//Upcoming comp

An upcoming NorCal ((Redwood City)) Fixed//BMX comp. Kulture Lab & DESTROY are sponsoring this too, its going to be sick.
Flyer says it all/hit up the comp Facebook to stay updated.

bike check///phillip williams destroy unicorn killer

its always some good shit to see people like this get connected. phillip williams aka "SHARK" picked up a DESTROY FRAME and built it up real proper. cant wait to see where he goes with this///and look close at that decal, never noticed that before and its a super sick graphic (appropriate imo). his initial reaction is "most responsive bike ive ridden, its mind blowing".

good try 1

BMOREFIXED has some talent in the mix. i dig this one///nothing massive here, but a sick edit nonetheless. head over and check out THEIR BLOG, they keep it updated and always have some interesting content.

michael stanis///one trick

michael stanis with a loooooooooooooooooong slider.

off TTopic///neckface

not the best neckface flick ive seen///but the latest from him. i know theres some neckface fans out there.

skate shiTT

definitely some good tricks in here. that spot at 1:27 is sick and the drop in is killer. short//high production value.


~@brad always brings us some entertaining shit. hahaha//looks like he teamed up with GREYBOY for some sidehack skatepark shred. going big in this one. brad///you are nuts man.