scraper entrails

about fuckin time we saw some new footage from charles///TK4L1F3. haha. this flick is definitely sick, glad i got to watch it at home with the tunes---"good musical score on this piece" haha. for real tho, this is some good creative riding from someone who's been in it for a long time now. charles knows how to put an edit together and it shows. must see TTv 1000000%. watch this shit now. thanks to charles for sharing this one.


real sick spots in this one///that first line is epic - high speed killing shit. this edit is short, but packed full of killer riding. must see TTv from GEOMETRICK.

shea hardacre's day off

its been a while since we've seen an edit from shea and this ones got some good shit in it. looks like i missed it on vimeo///but caught it via PROLLY'S TWITTER. cant catch em all.


here's one i missed a couple weeks ago while i was out. PISSEDEAD shit is always legit, this one brings grit/bike handling/spots/the fuckin works. cant wait to see more from bennett.


for the sake of variety///heres some metal, even though prolly pretty much has the metal coverage locked down. i dig this one.

skate shiTT

caught this one on MOSTLYSKATEBOARDING///always good flicks over there. this is grassroots skate shit at its finest. notice//no sponsors in the intro or outtro. skate/ride for yourself, for enjoyment, do shit your way.

quick clip

THIETH loves a quick clip///9 stair hop

alfonso garcia///dtsd

super psyched to see alfonso repping that TT///sick as fuck. this edit is killer too. lots of never seen before spots from SD. the night shots have a rad color to them and that under the bridge rock bank spot is sick. must see TTv for sure.


some mellow tech///1:05 is way sick.


PROLLY finally dropped some detailed pics of the SKYLMT bike. this thing is creating some excitement and rightfully so. looks sick///im definitely digging those bars too. head over to PROLLY for more pics and details.

big wheel bmx

some big bike mixed with some 20" in here///good spots and some good bike handling. killer flick from 361LOCAL, look forward to more from these guys.

mbase///sunday edit

this park where they chill at looks like a mellow spot. i wish cherry park had a pyramid. parks dont need all that bowl shit and transition to be legit. something basic like this is the shit. a ledge and a pyramid is all you need to get your practice on.

suicycle eurobike roadtrip

i dig that these guys snagged some shit other than just the comp. mixed fixed and bmx. check it.

monday sucks///eat shiTT

snagged this one from WRAHW///antonyo with a brutal slam. he's a fucking beast for getting up from this. monday fucking sucks///eat shit.