skate shiTT///sunday night movie

QUARTERSNACKS (who WRAHW put us all on to) dropped some new shit. this skate blog is definitely worth following. keep an eye on em.

quick clip: dawson quickie

tommy mao sent this one through. he stepped up his edit game and threw in some M83 to change up the tunes. a couple solid lines quick clip style.

summer edit

colin aranowitz just dropped this flick. more grom shred. seems like kids who rip keep getting smaller and smaller. this grom got the groundwork for some serious shred future. hard to believe he has as much bike control as he does. keep em comin guys///stay at it.


caught this one on DEFGRIP///looks like theres a new flick coming from empire. some serious fucking slams in here--that last one is some shit.


groms coming in hot these days. pretty solid///i love seing the younger crowd come up.

camera test

junho park just dropped this one. some familiar faces in here///but some new spots.


sunday sucks---mondays are worse///rock out.