SHMOB saTTurdays: Kulture Lab Sprocket

The homie Tyler from Kulture Lab hooked me up with this 33t sprocket awhile ago, but my 3 piece Thrasher cranks kept me from installing it. I've been super stoked to put it on, and thanks to my boy Johnny<3 I finally got my hands on some splined crank arms and got it installed. I put in an 8+ hour day riding with the #SHMOB crew today and can say I fucking love this sprocket and its solid as fuck. If you were wondering, it comes in 33t and 25t with polished silver and black color options.
If you didn't know, Tyler also does all the decals for DESTROY Bicycles' frames and handlebars, and is the designer & creator of the SHMOB FIXED//FUCK JOHNNY ROJAS
decals. If you need custom decals or stickers, hit him up and check out the website!
&& go fucking "LIKE" K-Lab on Facebook...
Huge thanks to Tyler and Kulture Lab for giving me the oppurtunity to ride this sprocket.


bang this shit real loud//saturday night//get loose.

skate shiTT

this one comes from a channel i follow on vimeo///NY SKATEBOARDING digs up some legit flicks. 5050 through the love sign is sick. more "gangsta flava" for your ass. i know we got some "hip hop" inspired readers out there.

wdc fgfs contest teaser

some street riding as a teaser for an upcoming comp///CASH FUCKING PRIZES ha/sick.


tons of creative shit in here//fast riding//clever spots///pure fire.

dan pdx

good to see some new shit from portland.

francis roque

francis just dropped this quick one///he says sorry for the shitty filming and that he needs a new camera. i disagree. i dont think it has to be high end---just get your shit out there. you never need any new//better "equipment" -- work with what you got and stay after it. stay at it man.

soundtrack///nasty and marco

nasty and marco killing it as usual. THIS ONES FROM SOUNDTRACK///THIETH FUCKED THAT UP. must see TTv. sorry guys