Fixie Factory #1

luv u bb's


TTv welcomes a group of guest bloggers in the near future///the when, what, who, and all that shit will "remain a mystery" for the time being. what i can tell you is that we will be joined by a newly established household in long beach with a comprehensive knowledge of fixed gear freestyle from the ground up. the characters behind this should up the entertainment value of TTv 10fold. im fucking psyched on this shit, cant wait to see how it unfolds, if ur not///huyamouf.

fish n chips///japan to sf

if you have a skate background you will dig this flick. they check all the "streetwear" type skate shops in sf and ride a bunch of the more famous skate spots. so sick. theres also some familiar faces that make appearances in here. super psyched to see the man JAHROME aka MASHAFIX reppin that TT-shirt. FISH N CHIPS keeps it legit///i dig the presence they make in fixed.

big wheel bmx

some squish fork shit for you///theres some legit parks in this edit.

blkmrkt street fiend

heres yet another look at the street fiend from BLKMRKT. will is looking comfortable on this thing. when/where/how much is still unknown///says COMING SOON on their web store so if you dont need to see it in person you can snag one there "soon". thanks to WILL GIBBONS for sharing.


steven hamilton is one of the most wicked wierdos in bmx and i would have posted this if 0:48 was a quick clip by itself. so sick.

skate shiTT

this spot looks sick as fuck///and im digging the ty segall soudntrack.

bunny hop contest

that last hop is pretty big///90cm is about 3 ft if you arent into math. thanks SUZKID for the coverage.


its friday///get weird///cut loose.

spruce park///rancho cucamonga

stephen from BUMSTEADS sent this through. theres a good mix of skate shiTT//bmx//fixed in here. the park looks like its got some good shit going too. check it.


by now youve probably seen this at WRAHW or elsewhere///but i didnt want to skip past cuz this shits insane. big consequences on this one//torey always brings killer shit to the table, and im a big fan of what he's got going over there, so "peep game" click through. check WRAHW daily. also, that skate site he's repping in that nollie post looks pretty legit. check out; QUARTERSNACKS.

bike check: p-fix2 proto?

manny vargas sent this through, its is said to be a P-FIX 2 proto///not sure of any details, aside from an email and this TUMBLR post, i have nothing to go on. looks good//solid build. here's the rundown;

Bike check. Frame- specialized pfix v.2 prototype size small. 
Fork- Milwaukee bruiser 
Stem- fit dlt 
Bars- specialized 
Cranks- resist 165 
Sprocket- resist 33t 
Wheels- velocity chuckers to profile hubs 
Pedals- premium slims (aluminum kind) 
Straps- holdfast 
Pegs- colony 
Tires- schwalbe big apple 2.0 
Seat- resist