stay in school

this ones been on vimeo for over a week now///missed it while i was out. super sick themed edit for that entertainment value. definitely worth a watch. kicking it oldschool with a classic peaches track. sick man. i think this is the first we seen from dennis and hopefully not the last. caught it via PROLLY's likes on vimeo///killer find man.

imd 2 year anniversary comp

3 different comp edits in one day//shits crazy. theres some real sick tricks in here (1:48 and 2:45 were nuts), and it looks like boothby is still on fire at comps.

wolf drawn: mke 2 mpls

another killer flick from matt///i was wondering when we'd see footage from this trip. this edit is the typical dark sickness that you've come to expect from WOLFDRAWN. pissy obviously went hard as fuck in this one///that ender is insane, mike carney just shit in his pants haha. 1:32 and 1:52 are two of the sickest things ive seen on fixed bikes. this shit is fire, WATCH THIS NOWΔΔΔFUCKING KILLING IT.

skate shiTT

epic filming//stylized piece of skate skate shiTT. cruise down the street///grass roots skateboarding. i saw this and had to post it. tune in for some mellow cruising.

...more comp footage

not sure what comp this is... but shit theres been a shitload of fixed comps. if you click over to youtube, theres a bunch of clips from this one. here we have funny vs hiro. check it.


hahahahahahaha. thanks to matt///this is some epic #HUYΔMOUF shit, live from the front lines. hahaha #huyamoufforpresident.

mid-autumn session

clean filming and editing from the guys at SPUN. mostly bmx with some fixed in the mix.

unknown proto///tony k

looks like tony k got his hands on joes UNKNOWN PROTO and built it up on 26's. super sick build too. psyched to see tony fuck shit up on this thing///should be good to get feedback from someone like him too. im psyched for this frame, cant wait to see the final product.


caught this one via mike schmitt on facebook, some fucking epic street shit here. kinda long, and theres not much riding in the beginning of this, but definitely worth the watch. killer new york spots, tons of hood shit in here. epic entertainment.


don jr dela cruz sent this through on facebook///i know congo is going to fucking love the soundtrack hahaha. you gotta keep these flicks entertaining and don jr came through with this one. watch out for the groms coming up, they got that determination to kill.

uniloft by schmick

seems like theres a fixed comp every week these days. love em or hate em///this just goes to show that the fixed freestyle cult is growing.