i have a dream

oh my god i had a dream of this hahahahahaha. this flick is sick///nick goes down so fucking hard. epic grit in here and some chicky rap shit haha. pure entertainment from a wi mer.

alkr® work sessions fixed gear london

interview style///mixed fixie shit with fgmx -- inside look at some fixed gear london. some killer riding in here, good filming. worth the watch.

royal hc - gabriel garcia

long beach has so much fgmx shit going on these days. heres some from royal hc and gabriel garcia. i love seeing some hometown heroes hold shit down. gabriel has those wheelie bars dialed.

fgg///chilling bro session

more from fgg//these guys are on a film and upload mission lately. bringing back some "og" "underground" hiphop with the awol one track.

yu kusumoto x bb17

theres some unseen filming angles in here that i wouldnt put a camera up to. pretty solid flick from yu for bb17.


even though i already posted up some rooTTs shit today///i couldnt sit on this one. it dropped while i was out and this is just about the best shit ive seen in a long time. fucking sick//bone deth is the best bmx shit out there IMO. fucking killing it to death//best "commercial" or frame introduction ive seen.

†The Portuguese Connection†

ZONTRAC dropped this quick one of jotta and ricardo///these zontrac flicks are always sick.

christian musgrave

musgraves been putting in work lately///heres a couple flicks he dropped while i was out. also looks like he smashed the shit out his fork at some point too fuuuuck;

14 bike co eurobike///fixed comp

lots of "fixie" shit in the intro///but it switches over to the goods around the 1:00 mark. killer park for a fixed comp.

2 days in rotterdam

some new shit from O'PIGNON. always sick///gomok kills. epic filming, new lines at old spots, 1:32, style for days, and that ender is massive.


“If you’re gunna do something, do it well, and leave something witchy."

west fixed///jotta leftovers

jotta fucking kills it everytime, and the parks over there are so sick. WESTFIXED stays on point.


fucking massive roof drop///if you havent seen this, watch it now. must see TTv at its best.

sunday night with malta

im not going to flood it with flicks just yet///but i came across this one with a good mix of bike styles. --- big bike//fixed//bmx in this one. no music, styled video - good shit.


we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly. thanks to gus, ross, and shane for filling in.