click on the image and get your mind fucking blown away by the fiend crew// i cant believe this is only a promo


rooTTs///thursday night movie

some raw footage from mystic///more than some actually, a shitload. i fuckin dig raw footage///tune it, space out.



BEST SHIT EVER: welcome to grime street

when these three all rode together, this edit, themed, the spots, the tricks, the whole fucking thing here. this edit fucked my head up and pushed fixed hard.

the hisTTory channel: Peninsula Fixed Gear

All of these are more than a year old, one ranging back two or more. This just goes to show that Daniel Torres and Taylor Dwight have been killing it since the begining. They were going huge for that time, and Taylor's bag of tricks was on some next level shit. Its too bad he spends most of his time going to school in New York, would like to see more from him. Daniel is still on it these days ((fucking killing it)) and is a part of the Destroy Bicyles team.

skate shiTT

east coast//love park-back when it was a skate mecca//josh kalis//company flow soundtrack...


WheelTalk: JeffyD

Another super solid edit coming from the WheelTalk posse. This one features shredding by Jeff Dempler, dude rides real fuckin fast and handles that dirt likes its nothing. And as expected, Slum kills it with the editing.

Montoya & Lawson for i-D

Really solid street riding from Matt Montoya and Devon Lawson thoughout this flick for iMiNUSD. Fakie Wheelie bars, hang 5's, rail hops etc..and the spots in here look sick as fuck .NorCal is on it these days.

off TTopic

hell yes! this is so bad///ass


iminus d warehouse

looks like imd has a nice little ramp set up in the warehouse now///also really digg'n the vibe in this video, check out some of norcals finest hahaha shred it.


this is simply just a what the fuck moment// gnarly ass rollercoaster grind.