stay in school

here is a debut edit from Denis Bejtic// im really digging the fast plants


Leo Romero is BrainWashed

TToy Machine is always killing it


some of you are thinking this is a fucking rip off///and if you think that, it is... because youve seen it. others who havent... big fucking deal/im sure you thought this secret bullshit was going to be way better. basically if you are saying or thinking anything;
the shirts are officially in the wild for testing; feedback shows that we may need to add gussets under the armpits, increase neck bracket drop a couple mm, and we've also been hearing complaints about sleeve tube angle. as soon as we can get this dialed (anywhere between 24-36 months) we will drop these shirts. stay tuned for updates and release of exact spec sheets for ease of immitation.

SE proto

its weird posting about myself but fuck it hahaha here are some shots taking by dave beard showing off the new se proto check out more at


sTTeven jensen x sadio

always worth the watch


the hisTTory channel

i still love this one... the soundtrack is fucking sick haha. this was waaay early on the 26 game, mike is one of the originals//dont forget that. hes fucking fearless and that one proves that.