TTv Xclusive: ½ ASSED

JD came into my neck of the woods today to film for a full length edit, but i came up with the idea to film a half ass edit to post up so in between filming the banger clips we came up with this. So here it is, and keep an 8Y8out for his legit edit to drop.


A half assed day ediTT

Coming soon feaTTuring JD


skate shiTT: sunday night movie

tilt mode always brings it. heres a full length//put your feet up, steal a beer out of your dads fridge and watch some skate shiTT.

Kings Skatepark St. Louis

Down home shredding on the legit DIY level

Matt Spencer on Volume

Today Matt announced that he is now officially riding for Volume after parting ways with Leader. Im excited to see the things Matt has planned with Volume/// head over to WD for more.


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the hisTTory channel

this was one of those clips that really changed the game. its crazy when someone proves that unthought of shit can be done. tom has proved that point a thousand times over... this is one of those moments in fixed history that ill never forget. massive hops like this didnt even seem possible at the time.