if you haven't seen this yet, youve been messing up. sit down pop some popcorn and take ten mins. away from lurking facebook or tumblr and watch this.



been really into this band lately they are called moss and they are doom metal from over the //pond.


rooTTs//slider contest

does anyone remember this and//or know if any videos showed up or what the outcome was? the trailer is too sick. i posted it a while ago, but if you havent seen it.. dont miss it.

the hisTTory channel

sean coats has been killing it for a while now. this is the first i remember seeing of him... so sick. check that gorilla setup on big tires even. i met him shortly after this at cherry park and his riding spoke for itself. #respect. hard to believe this is two years old.


rap shit for your ass///this is one of my favorite kool keith tracks right now.


SHINYA summer

Fixed Trick Lab just upped this flick. Lots of solid//fast riding from Shinya, long slider to half cab was some crazy shit.