as of tonight at midnight///THIETH will be on vacation.
and unlike PROLLY, i wont be posting updates from the road (tidal wave of whiskey///surfboard of dont care). this doesnt mean you fuckers should stop reading TTv///a few special guests will be taking over in my absence. the usuals; goTThross (not so goth these days)
will be doing their typical brain washing. ... but this time we have a new special guest///the man himself, zine machine EYELURK aka GUS will be joining the TTv TTakeover for what should be an epic week of what the fuck. haha.
stay tuned//i will be pre-scheduling content, revealing a "secret", and introducing for the first time ever - hand selected ADVERTISEMENTS///SO FUCKING STUPID.

think what you want for now, but keep checking back/// we're just getting started. and fuck you if you think something is going to go wrong over here ---the following is strong right now and i wont fuck up your head with some bullshit.


skate shiTT

tim and eric kill it///this ones not new, but it goes to show what you can do with a skateboard if you dont ride it just like everyone else. #also//check it. mke spot by the river?;

antonyo's first day in LB

not only is this clip one of the sicker quick clips TTv has seen//but im fucking psyched this is real now; antonyo and kris are long beach's newest residents. this shit is going to "pop off" haha. cant wait to see what happens when these two get in the mix//when all these guys start riding together//expect some next level shit in the coming months. long beach is the spot. thanks congo for upping this.


BSD doin it big///again...

christian musgrave - "we shall lead you"

this edit is pretty sick///every since musgrave started riding with this bmx squad, he's been stepping his game up with every flick. theres some killer creative lines in here 0:43 is one of my favorite parts. his bike is looking sick with those red tires, keeping shit original//this edit is all around killer TTv. watch it, they will lead you.

redbull megacorp minidrome

i dont usually post videos that use the word "fixie" in them this many times//nor can i remember the last time i saw a video on TTv with this much lycra (haha). but this is some noteworthy shit. redbull brought their megacorp minidrome to orlando and ronnie tore it down. took 2nd overall on a trick bike wearing a cotton shirt// a fucking TT-SHIRT. haha. so sick. and no, i cant figure out how to embed the video///redbull seems to be preoccupied with figuring out how to better hang BANNERS FROM ROCKS than they are with making their video easier to share. thanks a shitload to RONNIE for repping that TT/for the email/for just fucking killing shit in general.

*dont confuse exposure with exploitation.

tony k throwaway

tony k has come a long way on his fixed bike. he's definitely more skilled than most//has his own style//got tech tricks up his sleeve//and keeps the web entertainment coming non stop. powerhousing it. much respect for tony k, this is too killer to be throwaway in my book.


heres one to play for that special lady in your life.

big wheel bmx

plonka is a fuckin super star in my book. psyched we got a couple clips from him in here. this ones for THERISE//lots of good riding\lots of rigid fork big bike. this shit seems to be getting stronger and the riding better. flicks like this are so legit.


voegeli just upped some skate shit//fuck around. loving those helmets haha. some heavy TT-shirt repp going on in here. so fucking sick.