who the fuck is andy?

...and what the fuck does he ride? haha. i know other blogs will drop that video and probably already have, so i took a couple seconds to dig around HIS BLOG. he's been doing this for a while and he rides a BLKMRKT STREET FIEND ///psyched on his build. head over there for more pics//check his blog and his YOUTUBE for a shitload of quick clips.

andy a day in sapporo

heres some good shit from overseas//its short, but real good. he keeps his speed up and got super smoothe style. back wheelie in there too/so sick. this ones for STEADFASTCLOTHING///head over there and check em out.


no such thing as too much BONEDETH.

skate shiTT

sick part for sure.

BIKE CHECK: durcus one "killin' it" frame

i missed the link on the marco edit///but clicked through once i caught it on vimeo. this is what i found///so fucking sick. the frame and fork is called "killin' it". so fucking psyched on it. CLICK HERE to head to the W-LINE distro page. its got all the shit you want and a killer name//all black, 14mm, tire clearance, neg bb. so fucking epic. FUCKING "KILLIN' IT"

killin' it

hassy just upped this flick of marco killing it. that first grind is a huge hop. the tricks keep coming through to the end. marco has a rad style///theres a feeble t-bog in there... i dont think we've seen that shit before. epic.

big wheel bmx

just caught this on WBASED. looks pretty sick. its WTP's take on the 26 bmx. aside from having bb drop and 10mm axles, this thing is sick. i wonder if people will set these up for fixed use. either way///this thing would make a sick cruiser.