fixed flicks have been slow lately///the redeemer just dropped. haha. this ones sick. definitely one of those must see TTv joints. if you only watch one today this is it. tons of variety and a sick posse holding it down in here//pissy/oscar/congo/joe/matts middle finger//so sick, mixtape leftover style on that next level. WOLFDRΔWN DOT COM

fgg///pepy todesky

some good riding from switzerland//fgg doing things. loving the dirt shit in edits these days. head over and check out THEIR BLOG they been on it lately.


ride fast//die trying. this guy fucking goes for it. some epic slams in here too. eventually someone will show up and ride a fixed bike like this...

jammin on my homeboy

some ACE METRIC footage from trvthless on vimeo. psyched to see some TT shirt reppin from my homeboy out there. some good use of unusual spots here.


some quick snag footage of packy down at the venice boardwalk.

steven marco

if this is a new flick///they re-used some clips in here. 1:58 tire slide is sick. steven has legit bike handling skills and not a single indian giver in this flick haha. even if i already posted this its legit. these days people repeat tricks, film their whole edit at one spot, or dont take the time to learn how to come out of tricks without indian givers... steven crushed all those with this one.

skate shiTT

this ones from FOURTY OUNCE CLOTHING ///if you never heard of em before, head to the site and check it. they got some killer t-shirt graphics. this flick is sick hypnotic//skate shit with psychedelic flavor.

flat fix "marco tour"

flat fix on a cruise mission. the first minute or so is a spot that looks sick//but no one really gets it dialed//the tricks start hammering down around 1:15.