2x7=14 /// shark

shark and sam came through with another new flick. sams editing game stepped up hard for this one. the shots are super sick too... and shark is on a fucking mission, he's come a long way since that edit he dropped earlier this summer. this flick covers only 2 lines//7 tricks each. shark man is getting consistent as fuck

back 2 summerfix 2

that dirt spot next to the wall is sick as fuck. the street riding in this is legit. good to see something other than the run of the mill trick comp stuff from summerfix. nick, mike, matt, and dylan all kill it.

mashafix: tyler camu bklmrkt

MASHAFIX is dedicated to bringing us nonstop web entertainment right now. its sick when someone gets after it like this and keeps em coming. here's a look at the new BLKMRKT frame and bars.


sick weird flick.

skate shiTT

caught this on facebook via TOREY who found it via COLIN haha. however this came in front of me, its too sick not to post up. skateboarding at its best.

27/SE7EN video mag 4

the 4th installment of 24/SE7EN. mostly bmx in this one, but theres some pretty solid fixed tricks.

edit soon

this is a trailer for an upcoming edit///seems like theres a lot of these showing up right now. drop the edit son.

markn short edit

some new footage from on off team.