woah, mike dinh's edit

this shit is sick as fuck. dinh is fucking killing it right now and tony k put a killer edit together. lots of legit footage coming from him and some super good clips in this flick. 0:53 is sick//0:55 is sicker. feeling those tan wall tires too. so legit. fucking killing it.

the overgrown compound

this some high production/epic riding. wonka, slum, and scott killing it up at the compound. so much good double stuff in here. the compound is looking dialed, so much to ride in there. must see TTv.

steven dunnuck

steven is way out on some next level shit in this one. he's killing shit//never seen that first spot before. sick flick for sure.

skate shiTT

palace flicks are sick//dig the raw shittiness of the footage.

andy edit coming soon

psyched to see the full edit.