felix for leader

felix has been shredding hard lately//lots of sick pics and flicks coming from him. looks like he put one down for LEADER and made it official. fucking sick addition to the leader team and it looks like he's digging the new frame.

fuck redbull

"make sure you bring banners out to the desert for our rock riding photo shoot."
banners at a contest is one thing//banners on rocks in the desert is fucking stupid.

christina X hold fast

saw these at BMORE FIXED and they is sick. psyched on em//navajo shit is pretty sick. HOLD FAST always comes through with killer shit.

new shit from unknown

vince just sent this pic through, looks like they just got some UNKNOWN top caps /// sick


the NINJACATS fucking kill it. 0:44 is a fucking blow out haha. too much sick shit in here//watch this now. FUCKING KILLING IT

summertime shine: alec aranowitz

alec is only 14//but throws down man tricks. this kid kills it. lots of good tricks in here. 0:49 was clean/legit. so sick//keep killing it man.

skate shiTT

@xxCONGOxx this ones for you///skate shiTT plus kittens haha. the very last clip is so fucking sick.


its friday get weird///less of the tunes more of the eye part.



big wheel bmx

some soft fork park shit. pretty solid.