happy birthday ~@brad

brad just texted me this shit hahaha. maybe i shouldnt love a slam on his birthday, but this flick is sick. loving how someone flies by in a TT-shirt right after the slam///classic. happy birthday motherfucker. dude is a fucking character, hes been on a fixed bike in long beach for as long as i can remember, and he goes fucking huge.

big wheel bmx

some real deal big wheel bmx. этот фильм очень больна / / / удержание ее на жесткой вилкой ж / некоторые реальные сделки BMX трюки. гребаный убивая его.

skate shiTT

yeah todays a double double///double skate double rooTTs. theres not much fixed freestyle shit to post so im digging up some killer skate and bmx shit. this is some real deal authentic skate shiTT. "peep game" if "you know whats good"


yeah i just posted some rooTTs shit///but this is probably one my favorites ive seen in the past couple weeks so i couldnt just sit on it. shit is sick, big shit/tech shit/creative lines/weird styles/creative spots... fucking epic. must see TTv.

jamil gray august 2011

fuck its been way too long since we've seen some shit from jamil. forgot how sick dudes style is. this edit is nonstop hammers//looks like he's been on a kill it mission. looking real comfortable on that unknown frame and fucking shit up real proper. so sick.


caught this photo on MIKE CHACONS BLOG// sounds like he'll be out filming some shit with jonah. the kid kills shit//grom draft pick haha. i posted a video from him a few days ago, but heres more that i missed previously. look out for the chacon edit tho, its sure to be fire///nothing pushes it harder than riding with someone who kills it. cant fucking wait for the flick to drop.


ginger fire//that roof work at 0:51 is so sick.

quick clip//eat shit

careful with those 180 bars haha.

off TTopic

trans van beer bong at 90mph//lol. i know its way the fuck off TTopic, but how could i watch some shit like this and not share haha.

skate shiTT

high production value/epic spot/good skating


bank mini

more entertainment from packy golans throwaway///psyched on this one. these guys keep the hits coming.