this ones more mainstream/pop than the tunes i usually fuck with, but im into that jim jonestown and this video is a pretty killer use of old footage///aside from that, judging from your flicks, some of you guys are into this kind of shit.

the hisTTory channel

this one goes waaay back. no one was on this level back in the day and even currently this shit stays legit. tom showed us all whats was possible on a fixed bike SINCE DAY 1///he blazed a trail and set a standard. back here, your average fixed "freestyle" rider was doing leg over skids, pop up barspins, and "keo spin" roll outs. i still get psyched for lamarche edits, and he still fucking kills it. he should be remembered as the one of originators of fixed freestyle, if thats not straight in your head, you fuckin up.

skate shiTT

roger flicks are always legit.

quick clip: tony k

tony k has been holding it down///heres one i missed a quick one liner. always sick.


"shnazboots" dropped this one on TRICK TRACK. this guy has some serious potential. creative tricks and long grinds. killer tricks//shiTT video quality.

rooTTs//wednesday sucks//eat shiTT

basically every day, with the exception of friday nights and weekends///so every fucking weekday sucks. (work and/or school sucks dick) haha. eat shiTT. heres some old school bone deth.

quick clip: T.D

quick one from the other side of the world

n00bs: colin aranowitz

he filmed some shit "cuz he was bored". they young ones catch me off guard every time. seems like more and more groms are picking up fixed bikes.