enzo's back

enzo santi fell of the map for a couple months///good to see him back. some mellow lines down at venice park.

mad killer crank

definitely a couple stand out tricks/lines in here. new riders showing up everywhere "worldwide" motherfucker. haha.


congo fucking kills it//this photo is epic. head over and check the RESIST FACEBOOK.

coming soon//the goat has spoken

this commercial is fucking sick///GRIME webflicks always come through legit. according to mike this color will be limited up front so get em while you can. head over to the GRIME BLOG and check out some detailed pics... tubing looks beefy as fuck.

training grounds

wonka, worm, montoya, devon, blanco///fucking epic posse. i have a feeling we are going to see non-stop fire from these guys up there. this shit is insane, one minute and twenty of fucking highlights. everyones fucking killing it.

fullcab tutorial w//swoo

this is fucking sick, and swoo has been the go to guy for tutorials these days. i wish there was more of this to accelerate the learning curve. watch and learn. thanks swoo. follow CONSTANT REVOLUTION to keep up with swoo.

quick clip: one day one trick

k birdie keeps bringing some good shit. tuck no//x-up is fucking sick.

n00bs: sMc//junho park

looks like the sMc posse picked up a new camera. young gun junho is getting his tricks dialed.

quick clip: katrina medina

been too long since we've seen something from katrina. looks like she's working on feebles, loving that DESTROY shirt, and dropping an edit soon. kill it.

2011 x-life team weekend

the guys from x-live putting it down//looks like theyre getting comfortable on those frames.

impact summer fix

some new summer shit from impact garage.


creative skatepark and street riding.

mike dinh reppin TT

caught this one on LDG's facebook. looks like its from the event over there a couple weeks back. mike dinh flying high in his TT-shirt. so sick to see him rep it. he's definitely fucking killing it right now.