straight common

musgrave just sent this through///he's been out shredding with some local bmx riders. be careful if your stomachs feeling loose cuz musgrave warns you might shit a little bit hahaha. his riding keeps stepping up, and its killer to see fixed and bmx roll together.

one gear//welcome to the family david pili

solid quick edit from david pili and ONEGEAR, good style, mellow skatepark, good shit. sounds like PILI teamed up with one gear. killer man.

stefano old school profile

this ones like some brand new hisTTory channel shit//stefano of SOUNDTRACK built up an old school setup with a 650 front and took to the streets to get his OG shred on.


caught this one via sean coats likes on vimeo///ender is fucking fire.

lake owen//minneapolis road trip

i think this one went up a while ago and came back down... fucking sick its back up. #HUYAMOUF if you dont like this shit. i fuckin love seeing antonyo footage, its too rare and too fucking good. rick kills it too///if you like seeing boys go swimming, this shit is your dream come true. HUYAMOUF BAYBEEEEE

tittay cittay

garrison sent this one through///him and steven went out and filmed some shit. these guys hold it down hard. fucking psyched to see steven killing shit in his TT shirt. i got much respect for these two. fontanna park looks sick, and steven is getting a slew of grind shit dialed//lol at the anime in between clips. killer flick for sure.

skate shiTT

transition killer///super sick park skate. some real creative lines through the park in this flick.


caught this on SUBJECT PHAN via mikes facebook. these G.O.A.T. tee's look sick as fuck.


caught this one via oscar khans likes on vimeo///good shit, killer visuals.

bike check: humon moeen's ldg hammer

humon moeen sent this bike check through on facebook. i dig these LDG frames, this one looks sick built up with the tank fork. digging the huya-cover rim job. haha. here's humon's description.
frame-LDG hammer 
fork- LDG tank 
stem- odyssey elementary v3 
bars- gusset open prison 
grips- odyssey griswald 
rims- undercover chukkers dressed as mtx 
hubs- resist (14mm rear) 
bb- resist 
sprocket-resist 36t 
crank-resist 160 
pedals-demolition pc 
seat-macneil pivotal 
seat post- resist 
tires- resist nomad 45 
pegs (right side)- demolition dumbchucks, (left side rear) shadow conspiracy little one wrapped in plastic sleeve, (left side front) eastern bird

ricardo lino: river jam 2011

sounds like lino wants to hold west jam 2012 in a ditch//this spot looks pretty sick.

new proud cat frames and hubs

PROUD CAT is dropping some new shit. i never saw their previous revision in person, but these new ones look like a step in the right direction//more of a standard looking freestyle frame. the hubs are looking pretty sick too. head over to their blog//they make a shitload of components.

streer § SPUN

spuns been hitting it hard with the web edits lately.