(the saga continues huyaregister#2)


@weasonwhy ///corey is one of my favorite fixed personalities///and i didnt find out til i met up with congo that yesterday was his birthday too, so happy fucking birthday corey//one day late but fuck it. celebrate past pissy edits... he has been killing it for a long time now... sometimes jokes get aimed at him, but his riding is no fucking joke. happy birthday man. kill it.

skate shiTT

tommy mao sent this through///some skate shit from norcal. this is one of those parks that the fixed squad rides, michael martin put down an edit for em. digging the soundtrack on this one and the ender is pretty sick.

phillip williams #8

shark and sam are on a fucking mission. so many edits from these two recently. phillips style has developed a shitload over the past couple months, so many creative lines in here. so many sick tricks. fucker is getting super dialed. killing shit hard. keep an eye on this guy.

n00bs: jonah kessel

this kid is one of the younger groms out there shredding shit. he's got some epic potential. fucking sick to see rippers this young. stay at it man//you coming in with a mean bag of tricks.


grit//good tunes//good tricks... i dig the overall feel of this edit. the switch over to bluegrass and perspective change in the second half is killer.

quick clip///big hop

sam gaunt hops lloyds in bristol//big shit.

john berkel august edition

lots of grinds in this one///looks like a good ledge spot.