skate shiTT

some euro skate shiTT.

mashafix: ~@brad

just when you thought you might never see brad ride again//he comes through with some new shit. these two put this shit together in like 3 days. fucking sick. brad goes hard in the paint///theres that slam i posted a couple days ago, looks like he got up and got it filmed anyways. so sick. psyched to see whats next from these two. MASHAFIX.COM - check that shit out.

jaoa brothers bike thailand

solid edit from brothers bike thailand. some flatground skills, some grinds, some good shit all around. lots of good filming in this shit.

bike check//antonyo's mke 26er

this shit is so good///antonyo builds are some of the best shit out there and i cant fucking wait for this mke frame to drop. clean as fuck.

bike check: brad parkers xlife scorpio v2

not really a bike check///just a bike photo. brad posted this up on facebook the other day. shit came out sick. brads custom paint jobs are always some killer shit. 

the hisTTory channel: wonka

this one is less "hisTTorically" relevant, and more a sick edit from days past. i didnt know what to think of this shit when i first saw it. wonka kills it and the edit itself is sick//fake out is kinda funny, caught me off guard. it probably goes back before some of you were riding fixed, and wonka is some kind of fixed gear super hero these days, so check it.

off TTopic//winter shred

digging deep for content today//winter is right around the corner (yeah right). im not one for tons of "gangster" shit but i always dig these flicks.

more rooTTs

no ones upping fixed flicks today//caught this on sean coats like list//way sick. too many hammers in here.

eat shiTT

this ones on some LOL shit. ive been sitting on this flick for a while//usually save em for mondays, but fuck it.


banned flicks are good for fridays///get psyched to fuck shit up this weekend.

quick clip: 10 sec with 209 cogs

quick double shit off the ledge. 209COGS is stepping their shit up hard lately.